Chitwan (video) for the promotion of Anchal Sharma and akash Shrestha ‘Black’

Sawan 25 filmpati – Coming August 17 The film ‘Black’ is coming out on the commemoration process now. For the promotion of the team of the mofasal tour started from Biratnagar, the news has been given in the news conference by the press conference on Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality.


In a press conference, Aachal Sharma, a popular actress of the young generation, expressed confidence in her favorite film ‘Black’ Aachal sharma her only film of this year. She told the story of love inside the scenes that was taken in the movie. He said that the film will give the message that the person gives energy to the people. Similarly, Akakash Shrestha, the protagonist of the movie, said that the movie ‘Black’ Lovestory is a movie.

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He said that the events in our society were taken out in the movies, adding that it would not be entertaining but also to convey the message. Director of the movie Pradeep Shrestha said that color of life can be seen only in movie ‘black’.The audience expressed his confidence in making love for the movie. Director Shrestha said that the other Nepali movies are coming on display on vadra 1, even though ‘Black ‘does not have any effect. Ashma Pandey, a similar producer, told the film ‘Black’ is so enjoyful and its have all type of entertainment lovers, comedy, action all. Chatan Kumar Pandey, executive producer of film made in the story of Mainata Shrestha. In the film there are Sundar Shrestha, Ayush Rizal, Priya Rizal, Dhiren Shakya with Akash and Anchal in the lead roll.

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