Team “meri mamu“ ‘Promoting to Chitwan’

August 12 fimlypati : – The movie ‘Meri Mamu’ is the main role of the “childactres Aayub Sena”.The school in various places of the east and east of the East and West has reached the preaching movie.This movie is familier movie . The movie has shown to show the relationship between mother and son.

meri mamu 1

The release of the movie has been started by camping team in various schools and colleges along the nearest date. According to the film’s actress Aachlesa, hero Shahruk Tarmakar, singer Badal Thapa has went far to promote movie in Dang ,Biramode ,Damak and film makers Satosh Sen, Aayub Sen , and Kushum gurung & vj ShisirBhandari , have been promoted by Chitwan.

meri mau 2

Before that, the love-loving movie producer Sen has once again come up with family love coming from the audience. Sen, who has hit the hit movie like ‘Prem geet ‘ and ‘Prem geet 2’, has started this time to start the audience.


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