One shot movie “Jaalo” can be seen on the screen from Jestha 19……

All of those movies & music videos that are made till now were all being cut and stop for a while during shooting but among all of those movies, “Jaalo” & “Jaalo Returns” are two nepali movies which is made on one shot without having a break.2nd one shot movie

For the first time in the whole world,these movies are made on one shot & soon these movies will have its name in Ginij book.Both of these movies are directed as well as written by Araj Keshav Giri whereas the producer is Mohit Munal.

Among these two movies, “Jaalo”  is comming on the screen  from Jestha 19.These days posters are being posted for the promotion of the movie.The interview is taken by the filmypati from director & producer that how this movies were shot without having break.The video given below shows the interview of them.


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